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"Ideology of gender." "Critical reflections"
We face more insidious and destructive social revolution. This conclusion reached a book, one of the first critical analyses in Spanish on the new social revolution.

Gender ideology: the more insidious and destructive social revolution

José Ángel Agejas | University Francisco de Vitoria

With Foreword by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, prefect of the Congregation for divine worship and the discipline of the sacraments, the volume has been undertaken by a group of twelve researchers and professors from several universities Catholic, belonging to different areas of social sciences.

Published by CIUDADELA, the volume, at 400 pages, made a comprehensive study of the social, ideological, legal and ethical implications anthropological and medical one of the most active ideological offensives in todays society.

As noted in the presentation of the book, in the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, November 23, Dr. Vincent Lozano, Vice-Rector for academic planning of the aforementioned University, it is a brave book who dares to question political correctness, in addition, a solid book from different areas of knowledge questions the ideology of gender with arguments.

As so often happened in history, noted, the substantive debate lies between those who believe that forms of coexistence and human decisions must be based on principles of natural order, and who falazmente argue that it is freedom of each person to decide arbitrarily their referents.

The presentation ceremony was moderated by Cristina López Schligting, journalist and presenter of radio "Evening with Cristina" program that issues the COPE string.

In his initial words referred to the foreword of the book, signed by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, where the prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the sacraments alert that "from decades ago we face a new and great cultural revolution, one of the more insidious and destructive that can think for which there is no nature, there is no truth of man".

From your experience, Cristina indicated that there are a number of topics for our society are "prohibited": those relating to the identity and sexual orientation, relations man-woman, marriage, family... And when does not conform to the dominant thinking, there is always calls protest. To analyze what happened came to the conclusion that the common thread linking these issues is manipulated from the ideology of gender.

The item speeches gave the floor first to Antonio Arcones, the Citadel, editorial director who recognized that the bet your Publisher is put on the fore those issues on which few dare to speak, so that no genuine pluralism in the debate of ideas hurte society.

Then speaking Aquilino Dr. Polaino, Professor of psychopathology, and one of the experts who contributed to the drafting of the study with a chapter devoted to the analysis of "the social construction of gender".

In his words explained how the UN Beijing Summit in 1995 was a key moment for the consolidation of the basic principles on which articulates the ideology of gender. Briefly explained the ideological each of them, which can be summarized in the following load: the sexual "liberation", understood as the radical separation between sexual behaviours and any of the specific dimensions of human beings.

Therefore apply categories neomarxistas that in order to this release, replaces the class struggle by the struggle of sexes.

A third key element is the loss of identity of the person, which is deprived of its constitutive sexual dimension, because the proposal of the genus is the empty of meaning and usurps.

Finally, indicated as last serious consequence of this ideology, the abolition of the institutions that present a danger to its dissemination: the family, the University and the Church.

Then speaking other experts involved in the study, Professor of economic theory of the University of San Pablo-CEU, Dr. Rafael Rubio de Urquía.

Reported how "the basic premise of the ideology of genus - that each building itself same regardless of its sexual nature - is radically false." "Sex determination is constitutive of the person, so there is only the persona-varón and the persona-mujer, and also for the other are made".

Such finding is also guaranteed by the conception of the human being in all civilizations in history. Therefore insisted, "is a denial of the human person" and leads us to the very serious descivilización of Western culture.

Urquía Rubio doctor also focused on that in his view the main problem is not so much in defenders of the ideology of gender, but in the apparent apathy of society, and singularly Christians.

"We have unbound from the substance of the Christian faith and tradition of the Church, and we have become partners and accomplices compromising this descivilizador process", denounced.

Recalled to this purpose how in the Encyclical Caritas in Veritate, Benedict XVI complaint that we have departed the pillars of our culture, and in particular of the Christian concept of person; that we have fallen into practical materialism, mental relativism and distrust in reason, which has made possible the ideology of gender in the space of forty years has destroyed an ancient culture.

The Dean of the Faculty of theology St. Damasus Madrid and Professor of fundamental moral, don Juan José Pérez-Soba, highlighted in his words that the ideology of gender trafficking to a weak and manipulated, person as a result of the dissolution of their sexual identity.

Convinced that it is a sexual revolution which "has triumphed and has caught the Church changed foot", so has failed respond to it. Quickly outlined a historical analysis to show how the sexual revolution of the 1960s was an echo other previous, that succeeded because it is linked to a moral crisis caused by the fall of Puritanism of the 1920s.

In that context, any intended to oppose the sexual revolution was strikethrough of Puritan and was not taken into account. The sexual revolution of the 1960s, also added to the above NET separation between love and sexuality, making sexuality a material consumption.

On this basis, as to which if something consumed has no more value than the enjoyment while, sexuality ceased to be important and essential, so that manipulates to whim, builds. Disappears sexuality and gender is displayed.

At this point, indicated, those who promote are experimenting with the construction of a new society.

"They have won the political battle", denounced"and are now committed to winning the battle of education". "We have to stay ahead and launch a proposal: teach love".

Interventions of the experts meeting in the presentation concluded with the words of one of the coordinators of the study, the doctor in law and a degree in religious sciences, Professor Maria Lacalle, of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

In his brief address synthesized some of the major consequences of gender ideology is having in configuring a new model of society through legislative reforms and the media.

Both laws and media, play a key educational role in a society which lacks training and criticism.

Thus indicated, "one of the major consequences of gender ideology is distortion of maternity, because one of its slogans defends that women, to fully release and achieve full equality with men, must completely control their fertility.

Why advocates claim free abortion as an essential measure to achieve equality.

"Why - reported - the existence in Spain of the Ministry of equality, which seems to have more known role to the abortion to the scope of a woman".

Added to this is, said, the proposal for a model of self-sufficient women, that does not depend on anyone, and which depends not on anyone. An autonomous women dealing only itself.

He explained that some authors have referred to this approach as "cultural abandonment maternity", which has led to a distortion of female identity.

Dr. Lacalle showed how also alters the conception of the child, which is no longer a gift which is welcomed, but which is regarded as a right.

This justifies the approach that women, if it considers the child arrives at the "wrong" time, has the right to kill him; or if not when "wants", is manufactured using assisted reproduction techniques.

The fact that "has become the individual desire in source of law" remarked in its complaint.

Ended his speech with a proposal: "show the beauty of maternity, the profound meaning of complementarity, help female identity discovery so that women can be women and men can be men".

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